Holy Family welcomes new president

As Holy Family continues to grow in numerous areas, new additions to the school community abound. This summer, the current and former Board of Directors, in collaboration with Taylor Executive Search Services and Holy Family’s administration, sought to find the perfect presidential candidate. After an extensive search, Holy Family was able to find the right fit: Michael Brennan. He takes over for Mrs. Kathleen Brown, who had been filling the role in addition to that of the principal since 2010.

Growing up in a loving environment allowed Brennan to have many opportunities to grow as an individual. He said, “What led me here was listening to and responding to God’s call. In the process of responding to that call and leaning in further and further, I found this community to be a very animated and vibrant community. The school is in a unique position where it is poised for a lot of growth and success.” Brennan also credited the importance of his Catholic education, including an undergraduate degree from Boston College and a MA in Education and a MA in Administration from the University of Notre Dame.

As president, Brennan is responsible for maintaining many external relationships that are associated with the administration and operation of the school. “It’s not so much the day to day operations, as much as it is bigger picture/mission/vision/strategic planning for propelling the school forward and setting that path for it to follow,” he said, when asked about his role as president.

Professionally, Brennan’s goals revolve around the student body and faculty, as he wants to keep the community and “family” feel alive at Holy Family. He plans to get involved with as much as he can and really get to know each and every individual on a personal level.

As our president, Brennan also faces many challenges, including balancing his personal life with his professional life: “My first vocation will always be to be a good husband and father.” As a father, Brennan and his wife are responsible for two sets of twins under the age of two, which sounds like a full-time job in itself.

When asked how he keeps his life balanced, Brennan chuckled and said, “God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. I believe God put me and my wife in this situation because he knew we could handle it: both professionally and personally.” Michael pursues many hobbies outside of Holy Family including golfing, hunting, woodworking, garden and lawn work, and day to day work he can squeeze into his free time.

As a school community, students and faculty are excited to see a new leader represent their school. Senior Emma Terris expressed enthusiasm, saying, “I think he does a great job fitting into the Holy Family atmosphere. He’s very kind and engaging and I think a lot of students are excited to get to know him.”

Concluding his thoughts about the school and this new chapter of his life, Mr. Brennan said, “I am really happy to be here. You can’t go wrong when God calls you and you respond favorably. But being here, it just feels different in a good way. I feel blessed to have this frame of community and I can’t wait for what the future holds. I encourage many students (like you, Mark) to come in and engage in conversation with me. I don’t want to be that guy who walks around in a suit and isn’t involved. I want to be that guy who is involved and able to be approached by students because I want them to know that I care and want them to feel like it’s easy to talk with me.”

We are very excited to welcome president Michael Brennan and his family to the Holy Family Catholic Community!