Artist Spotlight: Nora Erdman


In my final article for The Phoenix, I want to highlight the incredible artistic talent in my best friend Nora Erdman.

Throughout high school, Nora has demonstrated immense talent in her painting, drawing, and photography skills. She has won numerous awards with a unique humbleness. This particular tendency to not dwell on her artistic achievements in conversation means that she would probably kill me if she knew I was writing this article about her.

For Nora, art has been something apart of her whole life. Similar to an athlete, I have watched her practice drawing and photography, using different cameras, pens, and paints to advance her pieces. She has long surpassed the required credits for art, making room for as many art classes as she could. The times I’ve seen her the most genuinely happy have been when she is in the midst of an art project. Seriously, you should have seen her during the time when she painted a portrait of Bill Murray. She was practically running every E period to the art room to make more progress on the piece.

Something I’ve learned about Nora is that she always faces her beautiful pieces towards the wall or puts them behind someone else’s. So Nora, when you read this don’t be mad at me, I’m going to face your pieces forward for everyone to see.

Bill Murray painting – 2017:

From Nora’s sketchbook – 2017:

Done in Advanced Drawing class 2018:

This flower piece recently won a superior rating award at the Minnesota State High School League Art show (highest possible rating):

Doodles in Nora’s sketchbook 2017:

Photography from Haiti – Spring Break 2017:

Photography from the Whitney concert 2017:

Photography from Rock the Garden 2017: