Val’s Fresh Tunes #6

Echoes in Rain – Enya

“Echoes in Rain” was one of Enya’s most recent singles released. It has often been compared to her other single “Orinocco Flow”.

Futile Devices (Doveman Remix) – Sufjan Stevens

“Futile Devices” was released in 2010, but recently became popular again as it was used in the movie Call Me By Your Name.

As Ballad – Lambert

“As Ballad” is a slow piano piece that won’t fail to put you in a melancholic mood.

I Love You – RIOPY

“I Love You” is a fast-tempo piano piece that will inspire and motivate you.

When They Fight, They Fight – G


“When They Fight, They Fight” is an upbeat alternative song that won’t fail to put you in a good mood.

Put a Light On – Generationals

“Put a Light On” is an uplifting song about finding where you need to go.

TenTwentyTen – Generationals

“TenTwentyTen” is a bouncy, happy-go-lucky song about not making amends with a former partner.

In Green (feat. Sarah Quintana) – Generationals

“In Green” is a catchy tune that will put you in a good mood.

Bloom – The Paper Kites

“Bloom” is one of The Paper Kites’ most successful songs because it is a lightweight, melancholic tune.

Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens

“Mystery of Love” is from the movie Call Me by Your Name. It makes you feel nostalgic and sentimental.