Series: Artists who are Modernizing the Fine Arts

Andrew Molleur is a ceramics artist based in Kingston, New York. In his studio, which faces the midtown arts district, he uses traditional and modern techniques to design and produce functional inlaid ceramic pieces. Ceramics has been passed on through generations for thousands of years, Andrew stated that “I feel like I could have been born at any point in our history and I might still be doing the same trade. There’s something comforting about that.” With his background in architecture and skills in the arts it is no doubt that he is well known among the fine arts community. Andrew’s pieces are a fine balance between fine art and relevant design. His current pieces incorporate both ceramics designs and architectural structures. These pieces of work as appreciation for minimalism and functionality. He has stated that he is most influenced by architecture designs, combing clean lines, geometric shapes and textural experiences to construct his distinct aesthetic. These pieces with combined techniques have created a one-of-a-kind collection which engage people visually and intimately. Andrew’s connection to ceramics was instant, he went on to study ceramics as well as architecture and industrial design, earning a BFA from RISD. He creates experimental works and installations, participating in exhibitions in the US and abroad. His work has been featured on several design blogs and is available at select shops, boutiques, design fairs, and markets.