Short Summer Road Trips


Since summer is just around the corner, here are some fun places to go on a mini road trip!

1.The Fawn-Doe-Rosa

This place is only an hour and a half away in St Croix Falls, Wisconsin and it is a lot of fun! It is a wild-life sanctuary and is family-owned. They work to help rehabilitate animals and educate those who want to learn more about animals. The area itself is a large enclosure, so when you walk in you can pet the dear. I have been here many times and I highly recommend going!

2.Minneopa Falls

Minneopa Falls is a great place to go on a mini hike and is only around an hour away. The views are spectacular and you can get right up next to the waterfall. There is also a wild bison reserve across from this state park so you can enjoy 2 things in one day!

3.Taylors Falls

Taylors Falls is relatively popular and there is a reason why! It is a great place to go hiking and exploring and is only less than 2 hours away. I highly recommend it if you love hiking and sightseeing!

4.Jeffers Petroglyphs

Jeffers Petroglyphs is a historical area where you can see 7,000-year-old carvings from Native Americans!  This site has over 4,000 petroglyphs and a guided tour along with it. With the tour, you are able to see what exactly was recorded and what they think they mean. The trip is around 2 hours and a very pretty drive.

5.Franconia Sculpture Park

This sculpture park is only a little over an hour away, and has a wide array of weird but cool sculptures! They also offer a great tour that will lead you around the park and tell you about the different pieces. Along with the sculptures they offer different events such as an art and farmers market once a month during summer!