Help Wanted: New writers, photographers and artists


Do you like to write, take pictures or create art? Do you need a creative outlet during the school day? Do you like to harass grown men with migraines by yelling in close proximity to them? Do you like to be productive, but only sometimes? Well then writing for The Phoenix is perfect for you!

During class you’ll have options that include working productively like a good student, venting to Mr. Dueck about how unfair life is, making fun of the way Mr. Witchger dresses, or stress napping for the entire 18 minutes of class time.

When writing, you have plenty of options! Politics, sports, music, movies, arts, humor, and school events are just a few of the topics you can cover. In addition to writing, The Phoenix also needs visual artists, like resident comic Emmett Curran and photographers John Grunow and Claire Melander.

Spending time in the B-Wing computer lab will give you plenty of great memories. From Witchger rubbing his temples due to frustration at malfunctioning technology and firewalls, to Dueck assuming a power stance so aggressive it seems he might split his pants, to questioning the sanity of the random student who’s frantically trying to do four different assignments in 20 minutes before their lunch. Class time is mostly spent making fun of Mr. Witchger and his bird-related passions, as well as his photography…and his outfits…and basically his whole life.

In all seriousness, if you like to write or take pictures, need some tech credits, and want to be more involved in school events, join The Phoenix. Mr. Witchger is a great teacher who’s incredibly patient and helpful. You work at your own pace and write about what interests you. You can even work with friends. The class is fun, its flexibility keeps it from getting too stressful, and participation in your school newspaper looks great on resumes and college applications.

At this point, over 26 staff members have published writing and photography in outside publications. Former students are currently working as editors of their college newspapers (Katie Galioto ’13 – Notre Dame Observer) and sportswriters for large national publications (Alex Smith ’10 – Atlanta Journal Constitution and the SEC).

If you’re interested, talk to Mr. Witchger or meet with a counselor to sign up.