Lasallian schools create awareness for homelessness


Night to Fight is an annual student-run event offered by Lasallian schools in the metro area. This year, DeLaSalle, Cretin-Derham, Benilde-St. Margaret’s, and Totino Grace will attend. It is an overnight experience aimed at raising awareness and money for homelessness and homeless organizations. Holy Family has participated in the event for eight years and has hosted for many of them. The 9th annual event will take place at Holy Family on Friday, November 3.  

Recently, we caught up with Mr. Dols who has helped plan the event since its inception.  

As a school, why do we participate in Night to Fight? Why should the student body/community care? 

We participate in Night to Fight to raise awareness of the issues of homelessness and to raise money to support our efforts with Simpson House.  This is one of the ways that HF students address this issue and by providing breakfast for those who go without homes is a way to restore dignity.  When you or I leave the house, most of us can choose what we want to eat for breakfast.  Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  It helps our brains function properly, it gets our body moving and energized.  People at the shelter typically do not have a hot meal option and/or go without breakfast in the morning.  

This is a way that we, as a community, can continue to live out our faith.  Taking care of the poor and vulnerable is the root message of love from Jesus and one tangible way that we can put our faith into action.   

In addition, this is a program that was started by a student and is passed down to students.  

In your perspective, how has our involvement, as a school in Night to Fight brought us together? Personally, what was the experience like for you and it’s relevancy in your life? 

When I was a younger teacher in Wisconsin at a Catholic school, I took kids on a service trip to Minneapolis.  We worked and stayed at a homeless shelter.  While we were interacting with the guests at this shelter one of our students got talking to a younger man, learning about his life.  This guest told the student that he was from Appleton, Wisconsin and went to the same high school as this young man.  It opened our eyes to the reality that homelessness is not a statistic, that it doesn’t happen to other people, that homelessness can happen to most of us.  When we realize the human element of homelessness or any issue of poverty, it helps me to understand, appreciate, and serve those in need as my brother and sister- not as a faceless victim.  

For the people involved, what can they take from this experience? For the people not involved, what would you tell them and how can they help out? 

Take this opportunity to learn about the statistics and the truths.  Don’t make judgements on others.  Take this opportunity to remember how blessed we are that after an evening of sleeping outside, we get to go to our warm homes.  Use this experience as a springboard to propel you to live in solidarity with those in need.  And appreciate your classmates a little more and have fun with your friends.  Doing all of this builds the kingdom of God! 

If you are interested in participating, make sure to raise $50 in sponsorship money. Try not to just ask your parents, but raise awareness by informing and educating people in your community. By reaching out to more people, more will want to get involved! Also, be prepared to face the cold Minnesota weather. Dress accordingly. We hope you can join us in this unique opportunity to serve.