Warmka, Hussey lead Fire into section tournament


Over the course of the season, senior captains Berit Hussey and Mia Warmka have led the volleyball team both emotionally and on the score sheet.

Berit currently leads the team in kills, tallying in 85 so far this season. Fellow senior and teammate Claire Zupan shared, “She is our go-to player when the team is in a rut and consecutively losing points. Whenever the ball is set to her, everyone trusts that she will put it away.”

Berit has been a starting varsity player for the past 2 years and has high hopes for their upcoming journey through sections. Her teammates rely on her extensively for offensive power on the court. When asked about her role on the team, Berit’s teammates consistently stressed her overall impact on the morale of the team. Senior Maddie Garry stated that, “Berit is an extremely vocal leader and positive influence. When the team gets down, she always picks us up and convinces us to play harder.”

Mia Warmka has also had a standout season, and leads the team in assists by an incredible margin. She currently has 286 assists in just 14 games. Zupan stressed that, “Mia works very hard to retrieve the hits so we can run our offense and put the ball away. She decides which plays to run and when to run them.”

When asked about Mia’s role on the team, Garry responded that she “is a really good leader. She is able to create a great atmosphere with a balance between seriousness and fun.”

Berit and Mia have inspired younger players through their leadership abilities and have helped send the program in a positive direction. Their section play begins Thursday, October 26th at Norwood-Young America and the girls are hoping for a strong run in their section play.