Annual service day sends students out into the community

Service Day: a day when Holy Family students come together to give back to the community and learn the value of service. A day that is dedicated to students helping out those around them and creating relationships with new people, Service Day is an important yearly tradition.

Beginning when the school needed volunteers for the Spirit of Fire event, it has grown to the point where each class travels out to experience different service opportunities.

“Being a LaSallian school means bringing a strong message of service and having a day dedicated to being involved in service as a school. An important part to Service Day is that the students and staff are working side by side to contribute to the communities around them.┬áThe day teaches students to be engaged in their community, to know that simple things that they are doing in their everyday life can make a big difference,”┬ásays campus minister Mrs. Lynnae Bosch.

This year students spread out to a wide variety of venues, including Feed My Starving Children, local schools like St. Joe’s, The Zen Meditation Center, Simpson House, and many more.

All pictures (except Simpson House) by Paige Wicka.