Video Playlist: Coffee House

On Friday, December 1, the talented musicians of Holy Family performed in the Annual Fall Coffee House. This year’s performances featured singing, a clarinet performance, a piano solo, and a variety of songs by both the Jazz Band and Voices of Fire.

After the performance, I talked to a few of the musicians.

“I thought it was one of the best performing experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone was super kind and supportive, the other performers, the audience, they were all amazing. I was super nervous at first because I usually don’t sing in front of people, but it was just a great atmosphere and I had a great time!” –Jackie Uhas

“I’ve been to every coffee house since freshman year and it was super inspiring and since it’s my senior year I decided to make the most of it and perform! It was a great experience, although kind of terrifying, but everyone has been so kind and supportive. I had so much fun and it was really a great overall experience. So many people were willing to help me out and practice with me and I wouldn’t have been able to do it by myself. I’m really grateful to everyone who helped out!” –Ruthie Farner

“Coffee house is always a positive experience. There is so much support and talent at our school making it the perfect environment for people to get together and share their love for music. Personally my most memorable coffee house experiences are the ones when I perform with one or more people. It’s so fun to work on a song and see how it all comes together the night of.” –Camilla Rosenberg