Students recognized with Scholastic Art Awards


Each year, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.  Through the Awards, students receive opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships.

Of the 330,000 visual works and writings submitted to the Scholastic Awards, 90,000 were recognized regionally and 2,700 earned national medals. The works with the most originality, technical skill, and the strongest voice win the highest awards.

The different levels include winning a Gold Key, a Silver Key, an Honorable Mention, or an American Visions and Voices nomination. Individuals who receive the highest award, the Gold Key, are placed in a national competition where the pieces can win National Medals.

John Grunow was awarded with the highest ranking of Gold Key for two of his pieces, “Projection” and “Activism.” When asked about his achievements Grunow stated: “I’m just really honored to receive such an award and I’ve worked very hard these past few years to zone in on my style of photography. I’ve had to train my eye to notice details in the world around me and I’ve became comfortable with controlling my camera. I’m glad people are appreciate my work. The positive feedback helps me to go further in creating and push me to reach new heights.”

On top of those two awards, Grunow was also awarded with an Honorable Mention for his piece “Disconnection.”

Additionally, there were a number of other students at Holy Family who received Silver Keys and Honorable Mentions. Senior Nora Erdman was awarded two Silver Keys for her pieces “Bill” and “New Girl.”

Nora was enthusiastic about the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards: “I think the awards help a lot of the students put pieces of work out in the public that they aren’t sure what the reaction will be. What I mean is that a lot of young students who are just starting to seriously think about art are unsure if they are good or not but the awards help kids realize that if you love art, it loves you back and if you are passionate in it then it will show in your artwork. It also encourages kids to work really hard and it proves that art departments are just as important as sports or other extra activities.”

Another individual that showed superior artistic abilities was sophomore Lucy Treat, who earned a Silver Key for her piece titled “Abandoned Shed,” and receiving an honorable mention for her work titled “Home.”

Junior Paige Wicka also gained an honorable mention for her piece “Streets of Barcelona.”

The last Silver Key won by an HF student went to Lillian Graupman for her piece “Self Portrait.”  She said, “I am really happy that I won the award. Painting is something that I have done since my freshman year and since I got a Silver Key I can tell the hard work is paying off. The painting was one of the hardest things I have ever created so I am very pleased that my effort payed off.”

Overall, Holy Family’s art department achieved great success from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards this year, and with many individuals showing their dedication and passion for the arts.

View each of the pieces below.

Streets of Barcelona by Paige Wicka
Bill by Nora Erdman
Disconnect by John Grunnow
New Girl by Nora Erdman
Projection by John Grunow
Activism by John Grunow
Abandoned Shed by Lucy Treat
Home by Lucy Treat
Self Portrait by Lilli Graupman