What to expect at Martedi Grasso

On Tuesday, February 13, people around the world will gather with their friends and family to celebrate Mardi Gras, also known as “Fat Tuesday.” Many people associate this holiday with the celebrations that take place in New Orleans, but this year all eyes will be on the festival that the Italian Club is organizing at Holy Family Catholic High School in Victoria, Minnesota.

This year’s carnival will continue some of the traditions from past years, with some new additions. Students will have access to Ping Pong, Mario Kart, Basketball, Water Pong, and the crowd favorite: Homemade Italian Gelato. Italian students worked tirelessly to perfect their recipe and created a variety of flavors. It will be for sale in the cafeteria for two dollars.

Another important feature in the Martedi Grasso Carnival is the Italian game roverino. This game involves a cloth ring that is thrown from one teammate to another, but players are not allowed to run while they are holding the ring. The goal is to throw the ring onto a large stick that the team goalie is holding. Roverino can get very competitive, but everyone is welcome to play and no experience is necessary.

When asked what his hopes for the Martedi Grasso festival were, Italian Teacher Mr. Dueck responded: “Um….hmmm-hmm, that’s big, let’s walk and talk. What are my hopes? I’m, I’m excited for–are you typing this right now?–I’m excited for people to read this article and then find out about all of the fun *awkward pause* activities available to them. And then…enjoy some……free time *awkward pause* with their friends…and to get…cute pictures at the Photo Booth. But yeah I’m really excited for this article.”

Thanks to the hard work by the Holy Family Italian Club and Mr. Dueck, tomorrow’s Martedi Grasso celebration should allow students to have fun, while learning about Italian Tradition.