The Snapchat Update: A Debacle


When first asked about the new Snapchat update, anyone could guess my response was an overwhelming, “IT’S HORRIBLE”!

As many of you may know, this disastrous update has caused nothing but frustration, tears, and desperate attempts to return Snapchat to its former glory.

How dare they do this?! Almost every frequent Snapchat user is upset over this change. Less frequent users, such as Mr. Dols, didn’t know how to record a video on Snapchat, let alone acknowledge the differences between the old and new versions. People all over social media are praying for the reversal of this awful plague but have yet to succeed.

The list of complaints is never-ending. Shall we mention a few? How about the fact that it is seemingly impossible to quickly locate the story you want to see. Instead, you have to frantically search through a massive jumble.

The same goes for the cluttered, immensely unaesthetic list of contacts with the creepy bitmojis on the left-hand side. The design not only makes people frustrated, but it’s almost as if the bitmojis are staring into your soul, like that creepy dude from your science class that won’t stop asking to be your lab partner.

When asked to describe the Snapchat update in one word, Holy Family students gave the following responses:

“Crap” -Paige Wicka

“Disappointingly inefficient” -Kelly Ryan and Andy Frommelt

“The worst” -Gracie Lund

Now let’s answer the most important question. How do we get rid of it?!

Well, despite the fact that the automatic update virtually screwed everyone over, there may be a way to reverse it! Some people have gone to the extremes of deleting the app, redownloading it, then resetting their passwords.

Although this tactic may work for some individuals temporarily, there is nothing set in stone to reverse this change. Others have resorted to creating petitions on Twitter and sending email rants to Snapchat itself.

One tweet by a concerned Snapchat user went viral! It stated, “How many retweets to return Snapchat back to its old version.” Snapchat replied with, “50k.” In less than a day the tweet got over 800k and counting retweets.

In these times of darkness, we must stick together in solidarity and pray for the return of the original app.