International Women’s Day: Gender inequality persists

International Women’s Day is celebrated to honor the movement for women’s rights. It occurs on March 8th because, in 1917, women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia.

We continue to celebrate this special day because although women’s rights have come along way, women still face sexism and inequality in their daily lives. Women are continuously belittled or made to feel weak, simply for the fact that they were born a female.

In fact, National Women’s Day is not just to celebrate women as a group facing discrimination, but also people of color, the LGBTQ community, and anyone else who faces similar challenges. It is to recognize everyone’s achievements in the past and strive to create a better and more equal future for all.

To commemorate International Women’s Day in our small community, I created a video to showcase the many different views that Holy Family students (both men and women) have on these issues women face. The young adults who participated were tremendously passionate about celebrating this day and it gave them a chance for their voice to be heard. 

An additional reason International Women’s Day is celebrated, is to honor the many great milestones that women have accomplished in the past. It is vital to not only focus on what we need to achieve, but what we already have. The young women in my project were asked to talk about who their female role model is and what makes them proud of these women.

Overall, this short video is to recognize that we need to continue to work to end the injustices toward minorities (in this case women) and to enlighten people about these issues.