Prom: A survival guide


Before one of the biggest nights of your high school career, make your experience memorable by following these easy tips.


DON’T: Wait until right before prom to find a dress 

All the dresses you want to buy will be taken in the HF Prom Dress Group Me that was started about four months before the actual dance. Waiting ’til the last moment will cause unnecessary stress.


“In order to have a good time at Prom, you have to remember not everything will go as planned. Your eyes might be half shut in all of the pictures, that spray tan might turn out a little more orange than you thought, and heels once again may leave you with blisters and major pain. Prom is meant to be kind of awkward and imperfect so enjoy it while it lasts cause it all makes for some classic high school memories. -Gracie Lund 


DO: Thank your parents for all their help 

It is important that you are grateful for all the help your parents give you leading up to prom. Whether it be your mom helping you find the perfect dress and putting on your makeup as you get ready to run out the door, or your dad giving you the advice to have a fun night and be safe. Everything they are doing for you is out of love and you want to show them that you care.  


DON’T: Waste an excessive amount of money  

It is super dumb to spend hundreds of dollars getting your hair and makeup done when it will all only last one night. And let’s be honest, midway through the dance your hair will fall out anyway. There is no point in paying to get it done. 


“Carpool, save gas” -Connor McManus (Eco-Freako team member) 


DO: Ask your date in a creative way 

It is super important to start relations with your prom date off right to ensure the best experience on the actual night of prom. A great way to do this is to come up with a unique way to ask your date to the prom. Think about him or her, and make sure you don’t ask with a generic poster that says “PROM?” because that is just plain boring.


DON’T: Ask the girl’s friends to do the work for you 

It is a lot more meaningful if you come up with a way to ask your date to prom rather than leaving all the work for your date’s friends, because, obviously, they will tell her if they did everything for you. Nobody wants to hear that the person who asked them didn’t care enough to make the sign or help with the idea.


DO: Use prom as an excuse to get your nails done 

I mean ladies, who doesn’t like to have all ten of their fingers painted at once. It’s hard to keep your nails looking nice, so if you have an occasion to get them done take it and run with it. Make sure you get a color to match your dress!


“Bring gum, deodorant, and always hold the door open” -Graham Anderson 


DO: Ask your date what color her dress is 

It is very important that you know the exact shade of your date’s dress because you guys will evidently take way too many pictures together and nobody wants to clash. If she tells you that her dress is purple make sure to ask for a picture of the fabric of the dress because there are about 3 billion shades of purple and you will never find the exact one if you are just going off the word purple.  


DO: Wear comfortable shoes  

This is honestly one of the most important things to think about before the night of prom. Nobody wants to walk around with blisters or aches the entire night. Make sure that you can easily walk in your shoes and they aren’t too high so that you end up dripping on them. Think comfy my friends! 


“Don’t dance by anyone with their shoes on because you will get stepped on.” -Kristin Williams 


DON’T: Try new products right before the dance 

You’ve all heard or read about the stereotypical prom horror stories about hair or skin color malfunctions. Sure, have some fun and experiment with new products, but maybe start earlier so that if you do end up with orange skin you’ll have some time to correct it.


DON’T: Assume looks are more important than comfort 

Yes looking your best for prom is great and all, but in the end you are going to remember the night and how you felt more than how you looked. Do you want to remember the scratchy material of your dress? The thousand bobby pins that were stuck into your head? The amount of times your necklaces got tangled together? The inability to walk at normal speeds because your heels were too high? Or maybe going the comfortable route would be easier and allow for more memories of fun events of the night.  


“If a song comes on that isn’t your jam, dance to it like you’ve always loved it. Seriously. Even the Lego Song. Also, HAVE FUN because you payed $100 for it so you may as well live it up.” -Ronnie Deckard 


DO: Take a lot of pictures 

It’s prom! You’re dressed up! You and your friends are happy and together! Also, how is anyone going to know you went to prom if you don’t have the perfect photo to post on Instagram? What about the other hundreds that are going to end up on VSCO? 


DON’T: Be camera shy 

You know your cheeks are going to hurt after smiling for so long, but these are memories that you are preserving and can look back on later. Whether you cringe, smile, wince, or laugh, you will be glad you sacrificed your cheek muscles for one night and took the extra picture. 


DON’T: Be the person who is “too cool” to dance 

Sitting at a table is fun during dinner, but afterwards dancing is fun as well. You’re really not too cool to dance, probably maybe just insecure. Everyone knows, so might as well just let loose and have fun. 


“Prom is only fun if you go in with a good attitude and good dance moves.” -Nora Erdman 


DO: Pay attention to your date 

The person you asked or who asked you to prom is the person you’re with for that one night. Maybe you both are totally in love, maybe you’re just friends, maybe you hardly even know the person. Regardless of the circumstance, just be friendly and engaging and everyone will have fun.  


DON’T: Make someone feel like you would rather be with someone else 

The reality of high school dances is that not everyone goes with the person they want to, but that’s just a larger metaphor for life I guess. If this happens to be you, don’t make your date feel bad by showing signs of wanting to be with someone else. Enjoy the person you’re with and actually seem interested in them (platonic or not). Everyone likes to feel wanted, even you! 


“Stay off of your phone on the date and talk to your date the whole night because not talking to them would just be super awkward” -John Simon 


DO: Make plans in advance 

Sometimes it is easy to not plan because you’re worried about what other people will think when you give your opinion. Don’t let this be the case for prom. Having a plan makes everything in the day and through the night go smoother. It gives you peace of mind and you can coordinate with friends much easier. Remember the saying: “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!” 


DON’T: Assume everything will work out 

Assuming everything will be okay is sometimes a good motto, but not for prom. Just know where you are going before and afterwards, plan out who is driving who, and then you won’t have any of those moments where you are questioning what to do.  


DON’T: Freak out 

Really it is just a high school dance, there are many more important things that you could be freaking out about. If you are nervous, just embrace it! The nerves will give you some adrenaline so you can dance extra enthusiastically.  


“As a veteran, soon to attend my third prom, I have come to a realization that in order to truly enjoy your prom you must surround yourself with good friends, don’t take what you’re wearing and pictures too seriously, and dance like no one’s watching.” -Camilla Rosenberg