Impaired/Distracted Driving: Know the Facts

A slideshow of HF’s last Mock Crash

This week, Holy Family was going to have a Mock Crash but, unfortunately, it was cancelled due to winter weather in the springtime. The mock crash was going to be used to demonstrate the importance of driving distraction and alcohol free. You may ask, “what’s the purpose of a “mock crash”? It’ll never happen to me, I’m not that dumb.” Think again.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), 10,265 people died from alcohol-related crashes in 2015 alone. Crashes like these make up for about one-third of car accidents in the United States as a whole. This entails that one in every three deaths from car accidents are related to drunk driving.

In addition, distracted driving provides a whole new realm of hazards. Distracted driving includes activities that take your attention off driving such as taking your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or mind off driving. Every day, 9 people are killed by distracted driving and 1,000 accidents occur (CDC).

This sort of information is useful year round, but with Prom just around the corner, being aware of the dangers behind both impaired driving and distracted driving could save lives. The mock crash held at Holy Family serves as a reminder that anyone can be affected by distracted or impaired driving.

Be safe and have fun at Prom!