Stress and Methods of Relief

No, procrastination is not one of them

As the school year is coming to a close and Seniors are finishing out their final year at Holy Family, it is safe to say that everyone is feeling the stress of finals, ACT, AP Testing, homework, grades, spring sports, responsibilities, and our futures.

I am here to tell you that things will be okay. You are not alone. The end of the school year is full of chaos for everyone. Although it seems as if there is no way to escape the endless agony of responsibilities, there are ways to relieve some of that stress (and no, procrastination is not one of them).

    After interviewing some fellow students at Holy Family, I concocted a list of Do’s  and Don’ts for stress relief methods.


  1. Play piano or another instrument you enjoy.
  2. Exercise when you get the chance, it will make you feel a lot better and naturally relieves stress.
  3. Keep a planner, it’s so much easier to write it all down than trying to remember it all!
  4. Talk with your teachers about assignments, you’d be surprised on how accommodating they can be!
  5. Pet a dog, or a cat if that works for you.  
  6. Prioritize!
  7. Talk to a friend or parents about what’s going on, everyone has different input that could help you.
  8. Take three deep breaths, things will be ok!


  1. PROCRASTINATE! It will only increase your stress.
  2. Spend your free time on your phone.
  3. Sleep to avoid responsibilities.
  4. “Worry, be happy now” -Bobby McFerrin

    I hope this list helps you relieve all the built-up stress you may have in your daily life. In the end, High School tends to fill our lives with unnecessary stress and if we can limit our worries to what is most important than we can get through these next few weeks before summer. I believe that each and everyone of you are strong enough to handle what life throws your way.