Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review


Crazy Rich Asians, based on Kevin Kwan’s novel, is a story about a Chinese American Economics professor, Rachel Chu, and her boyfriend, Nick Young. They travel from New York City to Singapore to attend a wedding and to meet Nick’s family. Rachel arrives unprepared to meet Nick’s family, learning they are practically Chinese royalty and that Nick’s mother and some of his other relatives automatically assume that she is not suitable to be in the family. If you enjoy fashion, other cultures or rare characters, I would suggest watching this movie.

One of the first things I liked about this movie was it was culture crashing, which made this romantic comedy less clichè. The romcoms we tend to see in theaters these days have the American perspective, but this movie gave a new sight to high society in another culture.

If you are interested in high fashion, watch this movie. Throughout the movie, Rachel wears many outfits that are all incredibly extravagant and unique.

Side note: Bazaar did an article on real-life crazy rich Asians, who indulge in Haute Couture (exclusively 2,000 people in the world with only 15 of the top designers), private jewelry showings, and influence the fashion world.


The characters in this movie vary from lavish personalities, to very original personas. One of my favorite characters was Nick’s sister, Astrid Young, because of her class and ability to keep her poise when her husband is cheating on her. At the end of the movie, she tells her husband off in a respectful way, saying how he was a coward and more (I won’t spoil why though). Some characters I did not enjoy were the bachelors at the party by the ocean because they conformed to the crude, rich burnouts stereotype, but I guess they added to the “crazy” in Crazy Rich Asians (considering where they planned the party).

Relationships in this movie:

Nick’s relationship with his mother was intriguing. His mother believed in him to be a respectable heir to the Young family kingdom, taking over the family business, but she also resented his choices of living in New York. Rachel and Nick’s relationship was a very average, simple relationship until Rachel meets the parents.

Overall, this movie was average, but for a romantic comedy, it was enjoyable and original. The thing that stood out most about this movie was the Chinese American perspective and the extravagant lives the wealthy people of Singapore live.