Is Marvel’s new Spider-Man game worth the $60?

The new Spider-Man game by Insomniac Games is one that many people have been waiting for since it was announced at E3 in 2016. After spending a few hours on this game and completing the main story line, I can personally say that it was well worth the wait. With the excellent game play and beautiful graphics, you are transported into the life of Peter Parker after he has been Spider-Man for 8 years. In this game, he faces off against many foes, new and old, with you deciding his every move.

The game play in this game is what I was especially excited for after I watched the first announcement trailer. Swinging around as Spider-Man in New York City is like a dream come true for me, growing up as a Spider-Man fan, and really transports you into the game. Also, the combat in this game feels so smooth when you are beating up bad guys and using gadgets to give you the upper hand, on top of the hilarious quips made by Peter Parker, make for a fun time. The customization in this game is tailored to how you play, with multiple different combinations of suit gadgets at your fingertips. The incredible game play really comes together with the excellent graphics. They really transport you into the suit of Spider-Man and the full day and night cycle makes the game that much more realistic. Spider-Man’s suit looks very real and even the eyes move based on his expressions. Finally, the story really brings the game together, with great character development which really makes you care about the people in the story. Without the admirable voice cast, the game would not feel like a finished product.

In the end, I feel that through excellent game play and graphics and a story that makes you want to keep playing, Insomniac really nailed Spider-Man as a game for people of all ages and I can highly recommend it to anyone who owns a PlayStation 4.

All screenshots were taken straight from a PlayStation 4 system.