Holy Family Varsity Reserved vs. Minneapolis Southwest

Holy Family vs Minneapolis Southwest was a very intense and high scoring game.  Holy Family started the game off strong putting pressure on the defense.  It did not take long for Minneapolis to turn the game around and start taking shots on Holy Family’s goalie, Nick Gess. Nick was pulled up from the other Varsity Reserved team after a devastating injury, of the amazing Jake Teeter.  Minneapolis Southwest scored three goals in the first half while Holy Family stayed scoreless.  At the start of the second half, both teams were playing very well.  Minneapolis was a very good passing team while Holy Family’s defense were playing their hearts out.  Minneapolis scored six more goals during the second half while Aidan Olsen of the Holy Family Fire scored late into the second half to end the game one to nine.  Both teams played very competitive, but Minneapolis got some lucky shots off.  Holy Family Varsity Reserved is now 4-2.