Movie Review: Incredibles 2

Brad Bird’s Incredibles which released in 2004 was a masterpiece and brought in over $633 million at the box office. Kids around the world loved the first movie and have been eagerly waiting for the sequel to release. Fourteen years later, and Incredibles 2 opened in June and is now available to stream or buy. The movie grossed $183 million its opening weekend. I went to see this movie in mid-July in theaters, and it was just as good as the first movie – which is extremely rare for most sequels. The Dumb and Dumber series completely changed after Dumb and Dumber To was shown to the world, and not for the better. Another example of this would be perhaps the Caddyshack series- the 1988 sequel to a classic film was not successful. The film has a three-star rating on Google. The Incredibles series is based around a family of superheroes, who eventually find themselves in a tough situation; superhuman powers becoming illegal. Incredibles 2 is based around the public’s trust for superheroes has not been good, and the family is forced to prove them otherwise.

The extraordinary Parr family have an issue with the police after leaving damage throughout the city during an battle with the Underminer. Under those circumstances and with the government officially shutting down the secret superhero program, the family is approached by the upbeat benefactor and telecommunications tycoon, Winston Deavor, and his ever-watchful sister, Evelyn, in an attempt to restore the Parr’s tarnished public image; however, only the mother, Elastigirl, gets to be the campaign’s new face. As a result, the once-mighty Mr. Incredible is left behind, juggling domestic responsibilities with taking care of the kids, as the invincible super-mum and the household’s new breadwinner clashes head-on with the city’s newest mega-villain, Screenslaver. Can this incredible family figure out a way to deal with this new reality?