Freshmen Year: What Do I Do?

Freshmen Year: What Do I Do?

For most people, the first year of high school is scary and full of unknowns. There are new teachers, new classmates, new schedules, and new uniforms. However, one great thing about Holy Family is that everything is new to everyone. This provides each freshmen with endless opportunities and the chance for a fresh start.

So, now that you have had a little over a month to figure high school out for yourself, it is time to learn some key tips so you can succeed in making high school the “best four years of your life”.

1. Get Involved- in Anything and Everything!

At Holy Family, there are countless sports, activities, clubs, and volunteer opportunities. These organizations are a great way to meet friends, upperclassman, and more teachers. As a freshmen, it can be intimidating joining a club or activity that you have no prior knowledge about; however, it is worth putting yourself out there in order to find your new passion or interest! I met my closest friends while playing tennis, created relationships with upperclassman through Simpson House, and discovered my interest in government at Model Assembly. Listen to special announcements at convocation and find a new club, sport, or volunteer opportunity to participate in!

2. Be Authentic!

Meeting new people is scary and sometimes it is tempting to change one’s personality in order to fit in with a certain group or clique. As hard as it is, and as cliche as it sounds, be yourself! If you are into books, read as many books as you have time for; if you are into social media, embrace it and the positivity it can bring to the world; if you love music, showcase your talent at fall Coffee House! Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. Above all else, be authentic and be true to only yourself. In the end, you will be rewarded with a group of friends who love you for your personality.

3. Embrace Holy Family’s Pride and Don’t Be too Cool for School!

School spirit is essential in creating a positive and upbeat community at Holy Family. Dress up days and themes for sporting events are a fun way to show your school spirit and cheer on fellow classmates! You might feel like you look weird wearing Hawaiian gear from head to toe or wearing all white; but, the whole school looks ridiculous together, which creates a fun environment and demonstrates our pride for Holy Family. So, go all out for themes, and encourage your friends to do the same! In addition, do your best to participate in school events. Attend sporting events, dances, and coffee houses! Think of every activity outside of the school day as an opportunity to make new friends and create new memories!

4. Be Kind!

It is most important to be kind. Be kind to everyone whether you think they deserve it or not. Everyone is new and doing their best to fit in and make friends. Make your classmates feel safe and protect those who seem vulnerable. Do not judge people just because they are different from you; but, instead embrace each individuals’ quirks and characteristics. Bullying is not and will never be tolerated at Holy Family. If you see someone being made fun of in person or over social media, stand up for that individual, tell an upperclassman, or notify a teacher. Show your classmates compassion regardless of their actions because you never know what else that individual is struggling with outside of school. Overall, it is simple: JUST BE NICE!

Holy Family Freshmen— Welcome to the Family!