Last Boys Soccer Game of the Year

Just less than a week ago, our Holy Family Boys Soccer team had their last game of the season against the Austin Packers at Prior Lake. This was the first time in Holy Family boys soccer history our team made it to state. This year our team won 17 games and only lost 3 games. Players Luke Puklich and Bryce Richer received All-State second team, and Sawyer Schugel was named All-State first team. After the brutal loss that went down in Prior Lake, fans and the team expressed a lot of emotion and gratitude with countless hugs and some tears.

I interviewed some of the boy’s soccer players and super fans to get some insight into the State Soccer game last Wednesday:

Luke Puklich, team captain and all State award winner says, “Thanks for support through this soccer season and big thanks for the fans who stuck with our team through thick and thin. For all the fans who came to every game, couldn’t do it without you.”

Sawyer Schugel, team captain and our best defensive player, says to his fans and team, “Huge thanks for everybody who came out and helped us make Holy Family boys soccer history. Thanks to the boys for putting in hard work every day and thanks for letting me witness everyone improve and change throughout this soccer season. I wouldn’t have wanted to have this experience with any other team.”

Ben Creager, leading goal scorer (with 19 goals) and junior, said, “I was honored to participate in Holy Family’s best soccer year. I’m devastated it came to an end, but happy about the memories I made this season and hope to continue our enthusiastic fans and victories next year.”

Dan Parker, All-State award winner and junior, stutters while trying to express his strong emotions for his countless fans and loving team, “I guess it was a great season, best season I’ve been a part of, not only because our teams success but the great fan support and the spirit of our community. Thank you to all the fans! Flame on! Hehe”

Jack Enk, bench warmer and senior, struggles to come up with his feelings about Mr. U coming to the boy’s soccer game and exclaims, “umm I’d say this season is the most fun I’ve ever had on any sports team and I couldn’t have asked for any better teammates. It was really fun throwing the ball in and getting a few “wows” from the crowd. Big thanks to all our coaches and Mr. U!”

Rory Johnson, best superfan and dedicated JV soccer player, states: “SO I’ve been to every game except the ones in Fargo… and this has been the best team and season in any sport since I’ve gone to Holy Family. It was just a blast watching my friends play and cheering them on. Shoutout Andy for best season.”

Kelly Ryan, superfan account user and senior, states to her fellow fans and community,  “I have never seen a rowdy-er crowd. I had a blast leading the cheers for all the fans! See you in the hockey rink!”

Huge thanks to our seniors and the coaches for the best soccer season Holy Family has seen!