Narcos season one

Narcos season 1 

Narcos is a Netflix Original crime drama television series, that takes place in the 1970s-1990s.  This television show is about Pablo Escobar and the drug industry in Columbia.  The DEA sends a man named Steve Murphy to Columbia to help fight the war on drugs.  This television show gets very intense once politics, police and people get involved. 

I really enjoyed this television show because it explained all the bad things Columbia was going through and showed that Pablo Escobar controlled everything just because he had money from drugs.  The acting In this series was just amazing and you could see all the emotions in the actors eyes. 

This was a very good show that taught me a lot about the history of Columbia and the different things they were going through.  I recommend this series to anyone who likes drama and action.  There are many dramatic and entertaining scenes to make this series great.