Under the Sea


In Spain in the year 2016, a man held his breath underwater for just over twenty-four minutes, setting a Guinness World Record.  Unless you have been preparing to break this record, I would plan on bringing your snorkeling equipment when you dive into the performance arts center to see The Little Mermaid performed by Holy Family’s very own hardworking cast and crew. Holy Family is lucky enough to have experienced director Mr. Eric Olson dedicate much of his time throughout the year to bring Holy Family’s drama department to life over his two-year tenure. This will be the third play at Holy Family under Mr. Olson’s direction, and if it is anything like the last production, The Chronicles of Narnia, it is sure to be a huge hit. Who doesn’t love a classic Disney movie? The production of The Little Mermaid will be a very similar version to the original with all your favorite characters: Ariel and Prince Eric of course, Ursula, King Triton, Flounder, Scuttle, and all the others. From falling in love to intense action scenes to a heartfelt goodbye, the play is sure to tug on all strings of your heart.

The dedicated cast and crew have been working for nearly three months now to bring part of the sea to Holy Family High School, and so far they have done just that as students attempt to avoid the tentacles of jelly fish on the way to math class, and try to keep their feet dry as they enter the performance arts center to take a closer look under the sea. The set is truly jaw-dropping. As I entered the theater to take a sneak peak it felt as if I had left the walls of my high school and stepped into a whole new world as the vivid colors, beautiful artwork, and creative backgrounds popped out at me. The crew of the Little Mermaid has outdone themselves this time as they created a set that, Mr Olson explains, “encapsulates everybody and makes them feel like they are actually under the sea. We have invited audience members to become part of the show, and that’s a cool experience”.  The production has yet to make its public debut, however, the play already has the attention of all those around the school through this truly remarkable set.

In order to get a better understanding of what to expect in the production itself, I had the privilege of speaking with senior Eve Breimhorst – or should I say Ariel? – who has established a great presence in the theater through her acting in six plays over her four years at Holy Family. Eve explained that this play is unique from the others performed at Holy Family over the past two years because “It is the most challenging show we’ve done with a lot of music and singing”. Mr. Olson can attest that this challenge has been embraced by all as he commended his cast’s dedication and hard work to make the play come to life. Eve also went on to say that what might set this production apart is the “ambition with the costumes and sets”. It seems that no one can go through a conversation without mentioning the incredible set. Need another reason to come? Eve, an individual who has time and time again wowed her classmates with her melodic singing, expressed great anticipation for a song sung by fellow actor, Sam Pellicci. If Sam, who will be taking the role of Scuttle, can make Eve “smile every time” she hears it, his performance is sure to blow the audience away.

If you are looking for inexpensive entertainment with exceptional quality, then come join the fish in the sea at 7:00 p.m. on Friday November 30th, Saturday December 1st, Friday December 7, or Saturday December 8th in the performance arts center at Holy Family Catholic High School. Students and faculty get in free with student IDs, and general admission tickets will be sold at the door for $5. From the words of Director Olson, “If you want to reminisce on your childhood and look back on the Disney classic, we’ve followed it pretty much to a T, so you’re going to get to relive your childhood memories, have fun, and at the same time watch your fellow classmates come to life”.