Fashion Trends 2018


Fashion week was in full swing over the fall and introduced many new trends that will be showing up in stores and on the streets this winter.  Designers took bold strides and went above and beyond expanding their styles this year.   

Leather dominated the scene at this year’s fashion week; from jackets to shoes, it appeared on almost every runway.  Leather can be paired with multiple materials and is worn in edgy, and classical looks.  The best way to show this trend during the winter is layering a classic sweater with a leather jacket and statement boots, to put an edgy twist on a classy look.  

Another trend that was seen a great amount over fashion week was the emergence of modesty dressing.  This style consists of extreme layers, low hemlines, and high necklines, and was shown at the Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney shows.  This style allows its audience to experiment with contrasting dramatically from the ‘barely there’ trend of the early 2000s.  However, not all trends of the past are gone; the color brown is coming back this year from its high time in the 1970s.  In the form of sweaters, trousers, and loafers, this color is appearing an extensive amount on the streets of big cities.  It’s safe to say that in the new year, brown will be the new black.  

Dig out your cowboy boots and bring your best western accent because the cowboy trend is in full swing.  People have been seen wearing prairie dresses, cowboy boots, and traditional western shirt, and taking these basic items and making them chic.  Checkered patterns have also been seen a great amount all over magazines, storefronts, and on the streets.  Many different styles of plaid have emerged the first one being an Americana inspired plaid.  This look can be paired with balloon sleeves to give a school uniform type of look.  The next plaid look throws everyone back to the 90s because of the iconic checkered pattern of Cher Horowitz from Clueless.  Not only can this pattern be seen in mini-skirts and matching blazers, but also in trench coats, shorts, and handbags.   

These trends will be appearing on the streets faster than you know it, so be a trendsetter this winter and experiment with these looks.  Not only will you have all your friends fawning over your style, but you can also create your own unique way of expressing yourself through fashion.