Study For Finals: Do’s and Don’ts

Study For Finals: Dos and Donts
With finals quickly approaching, it is important to not only study but to study effectively. This is the best way to stay stress free during the week. I am here to provide you with tips of what to do and what not to do when studying for final exams.
Do: Schedule a Certain Amount of Time to Study Each Subject
Allotting time for different subjects will ensure that you study productively and effectively. When studying one subject for hours, it is easy to become distracted and unengaged with the information.
Don’t: Skip Breakfast
This may seem like an unnecessary tip but your brain and body needs fuel to produce its best work. Make sure to take time to eat a healthy and filling breakfast that will provide you with enough energy to kill your exams. No one wants to be the person with a grumbling stomach during an exam!
Do: Ask Questions
Some students may find asking for help difficult but this is essential when studying for finals, especially when trying to learn difficult material. During finals week teachers have ample time to help students that are struggling to understand a concept. Talk with your teacher and pick a time to meet to ensure that you understand all the material before the exam!
Don’t: Go On Your Phone
It may be tempting to respond to a text or open a snapchat while you are studying… don’t do it!! This will not only distract you and tempt you to spend time scrolling through your phone instead of studying, but it will also reduce your ability to focus and study effectively ( Leave your phone in another room or turn it off when studying for exams!
Do: Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Whether you’re cramming to memorize those last vocabulary words or just watching Netflix, it is not worth staying up late when you have a big test early the next morning. According to Nationwide Children’s, teenagers need between nine and ten hours of sleep to achieve maximum academic performance.
Don’t: Procrastinate!!
This is one of the most important tips when studying for finals. Utilize your time this weekend and for part of next week wisely. Instead of waiting to cram in studying the day before you take your exam, plan ahead and study each subject in smaller increments leading up to test day. This is not only proven to be more effective when studying but will also help to alleviate stress.
Do: Find a Study Buddy
Finding a friend or peer who needs to study similar subjects is helpful because it will allow you to quiz one another. Also, studying with a friend will provided a change to your studying routine. Talk out difficult concepts, quiz each other, and most of all remember to stay focused.
Don’t: Stress About What You Can’t Control
There is enough to stress about during finals week, do not focus on the things you have no control over, for example, what is going to be on the test and how difficult the test will be. This is not only a waste of energy but it will also cause you to overthink.
I hope these tips help you to better prepare yourself for your upcoming finals. Remember that these tests will not define your life! Good luck!