Assassins Creed: Odyssey Review


Assassins Creed: Odyssey is a game by Ubisoft that is about a Spartan family who are descendants of Leonidas who work to either reunite their family or get revenge for the tragedy that happened. Throughout the story, you encounter multiple choices in your dialogue and your actions that effect the outcome of the story in the end. The game is also action packed and you can usually either decide to either take the stealthy or loud route in most of your encounters. Another good element of the game is the how large the map is, leaving a lot of room for exploration of this magnificent representation of Greece. There are some problems however with the game, such as the long load times and sometimes very glitchy gameplay and pretty bad voice acting at times that can be hard to bear.

The game gives a lot of freedom to your character from the very beginning where you get to choose which character you want to play as either Kassandra or Alexios (Kassandra’s voice acting is much better so I would suggest choosing her) and many more decisions after that. The story is strongest when you are given choices that actually matter and these really help shape your character, but it struggles with the repetitive quests at times that involve infiltrating an area and finding someone or something and retrieving it. With this long of a game, it’s easy to lose interest for some people when quests are like this but it kept me intrigued because of the overall story that I thought was pretty interesting because of the time period and also the gameplay kept me hooked because it was so satisfying to win a battle for whoever you are fighting for or taking down an entire fort undetected. There are multiple weapons you can choose that fit your liking from daggers to staffs that improve the game for how you play. There is a lot of customization in this game beyond that as well from how your armor looks to how your ship and crew look as you sail across the seas and go into battle. The ship is a very fun part of this game to mess around with as well, with the ability to get into naval battles and search for sunken treasure, there is a whole world at your fingertips. The giant map can be very intimidating at times but for me it was fun to explore all the different islands and find interesting landmarks from Greece. With all of these features, there is bound to be some problems, as it was only in development for 2 years. The long load times can sometimes be a pain because you want to just jump back into the action sometimes. Also there are a few glitches throughout such as the game freezing for a few seconds to characters being stuck in the ground which would slow down the lag the game down to like 2 frames per second. Another problem here is some bad voice acting, especially from the main character Alexios. His voice is very awkward and sounds really goofy when everyone else sounds serious most of the time. There were also some weird facial animations that made me laugh out loud at times because of how bad it could be.

All in all Assassins Creed: Odyssey is a fun game that takes a long time to complete(around 50 hours) and if you can bear the awkwardness of the game sometimes and take in the beauty and fun gameplay, then I would suggest it but maybe just wait until it’s on sale for under 60$.