A scale depicting balance

A scale depicting balance

Hello all, and welcome to me life at the moment.

I have a pretty busy life right now to say the least. From School/homework, to practice, to having a girlfriend, to working a job. All of that brings the question, “How do I make it work?” Well the answer to that question is really centered around the job. I work at Country Inn and Suites, located in Chanhassen, and i really enjoy it. I work the front desk and meet a lot of interesting people and best of all, see a lot of funny last names. Goodnight. No, I am not saying “goodnight”… that is an example of a last name I saw one day – I had to do a double check to make sure I read that right. Anyways, back to the job itself. I work 3-4 days a week at the Hotel, including some weekdays. WHAT?! YOU WORK ON WEEKDAYS?! WHAT ABOUT HOMEWORK??!! Well that is actually not a problem at all, as many days at the hotel are slow and I am allowed to do my homework on the clock. In fact, I am writing this article at work right now. Just think about that… I am essentially getting paid to do my homework. Who wouldn’t take up that opportunity! To really give the sense of balance I have to make this all work, allow me to give you a run-down on an average week:

Sunday- Work 3pm-11pm (Do Monday’s homework when not busy)

Monday- Basketball practice 245pm-530pm… Work 6-11pm (Do Tuesday’s homework when not busy)

Tuesday- Basketball game at 7pm.. hang out with girlfriend after

Wednesday- Basketball practice 315-530pm… work 6-11pm (Do homework…)

Thursday-Basketball Practice 245-530pm… hang out with girlfriend after 🙂

Friday- Basketball game at 7pm… Hang with girlfriend after

Saturday- Work 3-11pm (Watch Netflix/sports when not busy)

( I would make $286 on a week like this)

The point I am trying to make is my job is the best job around. SUPER flexible. My manager asks me each week, “Hey Ryan, what days can you work next week?” If I put a day on there, I work, if I don’t, then I don’t work…super nice. Then the days I don’t work, I hang out with my girl. Lastly, I make my work schedule specifically to go around my basketball schedule and school of course, so I never have any conflicts.


name a better job, I’ll wait…