Fire fencing look for another strong year

After having yet another stellar season last year the Fire fencing team look for another solid year behind coach Brown. This year’s team is younger than usual, Brown said and this year is a rebuilding year because of the lack of upperclassmen but in the next couple years Brown is excited to see what this team can accomplish. The Fire are without senior stud Emily Sokolis this year because of an unfortunate nagging leg injury, and is helping out in a coaching capacity this season according to coach Brown.

So far the team has competed in only one tournament this year, the 2019 SPA Invitational. Out of 31 men’s epee competitors senior Tommy Lisko placed an impressive 8th, and Isaac Fassil placed 16th. Out of 39 competitors in the men’s foil division Anthony Olsen placed 16th. Out of 20 competitors in women’s epee Hailey Pavelka placed 14th.