Recommended Movies to Watch – Throwback

In the classic film: The Truman Show, the life of a man named Truman Burbank is documented and broadcasted 24/7, monitored by the creator of the show, Christoff. Truman was not aware that his life was being captured and broadcasted for the whole world to see, which was something that no other show had accomplished before. Truman had lived a fabricated life, with fake people, a fake job, and fake weather, all put in place by a man that was hungry for viewership and popularity, Christoff. The movie takes viewers through Truman’s journey of putting the puzzle pieces together and figuring out what is going on. The beginning of this film starts out with Truman living his day-to-day life very happily and clueless, but soon starts to morph into him becoming skeptical. The scenes and music are very enlightening, but as the movie progresses, things take a dark turn. Truman also looks very put-together at the start, but eventually he starts to look disheveled as he discovers glimpses of truth in his life. Shortly after Truman uncovers every lie he’s been told, he is released into the world as a celebrity.
Christoff made it his mission to gain as many viewers as possible along with becoming the most popular show to ever exist. Unfortunately, there are downsides to becoming popular on television, or in modern society, social media.