Good Girls

Good Girls is an American crime show on ABC and now on Netflix that takes place in the 21st century.  Good Girls has three main actors in this show.  All three girls are moms who are going through problems putting them in a financial hole.  The girls decide to rob a grocery store thinking they’ll get around thirty thousand dollars.  The girls complete their heist but end up with five hundred thousand which they later found out that the grocery store was laundering drug money for the cartel.  The girls find themselves working with the cartel to get back the money they stole and to earn some for themselves. 

I really enjoyed with television series because it had comedy, action, and crime.  The acting was phenomenal, you could understand how scared the girls were at times by their facial expressions and their body language.  Niamh McKeown did a great job directing this show.  She knew how to make you feel like you were in the show.   

I personally believe that Good Girls is a very entertaining show that always pulls you in to watch another episode.  There is never a dull moment in the show and I really enjoyed that.  I recommend this show to anyone who likes crime, action, and a good laugh.