F Is for Family

F Is for Family is an animated Netflix original series that takes place in the 1970’s.  F is For Family is about a retired veteran named Frank Murphy and his family.  This Netflix original is a great television show directed to older teenagers who like comedies.  Frank Murphy has lots of problems to deal with around his house, work, and family.  He has a short temper and gets very angry at the most random things.  F Is for Family really helps visualize what the 1970’s we’re like just by the music, dressing, and problems in the economy.  This was a hilarious television show with three different seasons. 

I personally believe that F Is for Family is a humorous show for teenagers in high school.  I usually don’t watch animated shows because it’s usually fake things but F Is for Family was different and actually explained the 1970’s and everything that happened in the show could happen in real life.  Every episode made me laugh and I really enjoyed watching them.  There was never a moment in the show we’re I felt bored.  I really hope I can encourage people to watch this show and get a great laugh out of it.