Over Matin Luther King weekend, the Nordic Ski Team took a three day trip up north to a cross country ski resort called Maplelag.  The trip was filled with many adventures and lots of memories.  Maplelag was a very fun time and filled with skiing, hot tubing, unlimited cookies, apple cider, negative degree weather, dances, a talent show, and team bonding.   

I really enjoy going up to Maplelag and spending time with the team and my friends.  I’ve been to Maplelag four times and very year it gets even more fun.  My favorite part of the trip was doing the polar plunge and running from the lake to the hot tub.  We cut a huge hole in the lake and ran into the lake and then ran into the resort and jumped in the hot tub.  Another great memory was when the boys went on stage for the talent show and sang Clarity in front of everyone.  My time at Maplelag was really fun and a great experience.