Resident Evil 2 Remake: Review

Resident Evil 2 originally came out in 1998 and has recently been remade with a few more game mechanics and 2019 graphics. You play as either Claire Redfield or Leon Kennedy, each of them with their own story and special weapons that make the game unique. There are 4 endings, 2 for each character and there is also the ability to play in a Hardcore mode where the zombies are more difficult to kill, and you can only save the game with limited ink ribbons. Leon is a rookie cop who received a distress call from Racoon City and goes to investigate. He then figures out that the Umbrella Pharmaceutical Corporation is responsible for the massive outbreak of zombies and tries to stop them. If you choose to play as Claire Redfield, you figure out that she is on a search for her brother who she has not heard from in weeks. While wandering into an underground facility, Claire encounters a little girl who she is determined to keep safe.

After playing through this game multiple times and finishing with every ending, I can say that this is my favorite horror video game to play. I never played the original, but from what I heard, the new game is a faithful re-master to the original one. The story is very interesting and unique, while also putting a twist on the zombie game genre. The voice acting was pretty well done as well; however, at times it was a little bit cheesy. The graphics in this game are marvelous and I often caught myself awestruck while playing. When you are trapped in a cramped hallway with a bunch of zombies and the lighting is ominous, it is honestly terrifying. The zombies look scary and the unique ones like lickers. The gameplay is very fun and you have to be very conservative with your inventory and ammo as there is a very limited amount for both.

I highly suggest Resident Evil 2 but, personally, I would wait for the price to drop to $40 instead of $60 because the game is not very long and after beating it every time the game can get old. All in all it is a great game that deserves some recognition.