The Future of the Minnesota Vikings

With the trade deadline and draft coming to a head, lets take a look at what we expect the Vikings to look like this upcoming season.

One of the biggest new updates for the Vikings comes from the All-Pro linebacker Anthony Barr. When it looked like Barr was heading to the New York Jets he apparently had a change of heart literally overnight and decided he would stay in the Twin Cities. He agreed to a five-year $67.5 million deal ($13.5 million per year). This deal includes $33 million guaranteed and a maximum value of $77.5 million, which ups the Jets offer towards Barr.

According to a plethora of reports stud running back Latavius Murray is going to sign a four-year deal with the New Orleans Saints. Therefore the Vikes should soon be in the market to sign a running back to backup Dalvin Cook. There are plenty of solid running backs on the market including our old pal Adrian Peterson. Hopefully Dalvin will stay healthy this season and there won’t be a need for a new back.

The Vikings also decided to leave starters’ Andrew Sandejo and Mike Remmers in free agency instead of renewing their contract with them, along with interior lineman Sheldon Richardson. Fortunately the Vikes haven’t asked Tight End Kyle Rudolf to take a pay cut which is good news for fans.

The Vikings have the 18th overall pick in the 2019 draft and in multiple mock drafts, experts think the Vikings could take T.J. Hockenson, a TE from Iowa. I think he would be a very solid backup for Kyle Rudolf and could help the offensive linemen for short yardage situations to help block up front. In most other mock drafts they envision some sort of lineman to be drafted by the Vikings in the first round, which is something much needed to round out the multiple holes in the Vikings offense.