Mid 90s

Mid 90s is a movie about a kid named Stevie who has a troubled life at home but makes a good group of friends that help him through his life.  Stevie lives in Los Angeles and grows up in a shady neighborhood with an abusive brother and a single mom.  Stevie found a passion for skateboarding one day while he watched a group of kids laugh and skate together.  Stevie decided to start hanging out with this group of kids who taught him what real friendship is and what it means to be friends.  Stevie makes some bad decisions during this movie but in doing so he realizes his mistakes and that makes him a batter person. 

I really like this movie because it was intense and very well scripted.  This movie showed how easy it is to go down a bad path, but it also shows how that can be fixed.  Stevie turned all his negativity into positivity and was always positive. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes drama and action in the same movie.