Game of Thrones is Back for it’s Final Season


Game of Thrones has returned and is more ambitious than ever. After the events of last season, it is going to be hard to top and to leave the hardcore fans of the series satisfied. With a two year gap between this season and last season, it gave time for plenty more new viewers to watch a long with old fans of the series and it brought in over 17.4 million viewers to its premiere on Sunday. The episode, however, was a bit disappointing in my opinion. There was not really much that happened as far as action goes. It was a dialogue heavy episode that was a bit of a recap of last season and, with no stakes, it was a bit boring at times. It seems like the season is going to build to its grand finale instead of over-stuffing it. I hope that as the season goes along, things might start to fall into place and the end will be what all of the fans are hoping for and is also a faithful ending to the series and not just prepping the series for spinoffs.