Movie Review- Hellboy

I recently watched the movie Hellboy last weekend and right off the bat, I’ve seen one of the older films in this series and I just haven’t ever been a fan of these movies in general. Now if you put the enlightening and uplifting title of this movie aside, you’ll see it’s a pretty sad excuse for a movie and I’m pretty surprised it was even released. The film’s title can usually tell you a lot about how raunchy it will be, and the title is so dark that I stumbled upon this article-

“A Tennessee movie theater that sits across from a church and next to an elementary school is promoting the latest movie in the “Hellboy” franchise as “Heckboy.”

Manager Belinda Daniel says the theater avoids putting up words on its sign that may be seen as profanity. She says they want to be respectful to everyone, including the hundreds of children who pass by every day. But she says the response to the theater’s play on words has been more exciting than expected.” – Star Advertiser

have to admit that I hesitated to review this movie considering the great, family-friendly community of people here at Holy Family. 

Moving on from the title though, this movie was not my choice when it came time to pick a film; I am not a huge horror-movie guy as it is. Jump scares are increasingly becoming a more popular and important element to directors instead of the actual plot, and it’s been growing old quickly. I don’t wish to write movie reviews and give them all the same rating, and after I saw the new Hellboy I knew I had to give it the worst rating possible. In fact, the movie was so bad that we actually walked out of the theater and got something to eat there instead. If you’re truly thinking that you’ll enjoy this movie or that you’ll like it – you probably won’t. The ratings across the board leads me to believe it won’t ever make too much money at the box office either.