When One Curtain Calls, Another One Opens


Graham Miller/The Phoenix

Spring Coffee House: Carson Liebeg

Forget America’s Got Talent: Holy Family’s Got Talent is where it’s at. This past Friday evening, some of the most talented students that walk the halls of Holy Family put their skills on display at the final coffee house of the year. Despite a busy night in sports, the performing arts center was comfortably crowded with great support from students, parents, and faculty. The performers did not let the crowd down

Grace Vogel started us off with a beautiful piece on the piano while she sang Somewhere Only We Know. I have to say she really set the tone and standard for all the acts to follow. Joey Richelson and company had no problem soaking up the spotlight, and following in the footsteps of the previous acts. With sophomore Will Zay and junior Carson Liebeg on guitar, sophomore Joey Richelsen sang Daughters by John Mayer: these guys absolutely blew the crowd away while stealing the hearts of some of the young ladies in the room.

Next we got to enjoy some outstanding final performances from our beloved seniors. Kenzie King, who has become a regular at coffee house, gently sang Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish. This soothing song had everyone in the audience relaxed and comfortable. Eve Breimhorst followed shortly after with Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles of course. Singing any Beatles songs takes some risk, but if there is one thing I have learned about Eve over these past four years of being her classmate, it is that she is fearless. When she announced what she was singing it came as no surprise to me. If you’re wondering how you follow up two amazing senior vocalists just ask Maddie Ricke because she sure knows how. Everytime Maddie comes on stage she takes over. The stage is hers. She has this demanding stage presence and such a powerful voice that she steals your attention. Also shout out to Shannon Hickey who, as usual, accompanied the singers beautifully on the piano.

We had a nice change of pace to the show when a couple of our talented juniors switched things up a bit. First Sam Pellicci had the audience on their feet calling for an encore after his acting. He acted out two scenes from Aladdin, one from the Grinch, and one from The Incredibles; and as cheesy as it sounds his performance was incredible. He was a fan favorite and even gave out some sweet treats for guessing the scene correctly. Jackie Uhas followed after. Typically known for a more upbeat rock and roll sort of style, Jackie put on her cowboy hat (literally) and showed the audience her versatile skill set as she sang Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves. After Jackie performed, well-known guitarist around the halls of Holy Family, Carson Liebeg, showed off a different side of his musical ability. He sang Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers. Now I don’t know if I’m the only one who didn’t know, but wow Carson can sing. He is one talented kid and this side of him kind of caught me off guard. And of course a performance by Carson wouldn’t be complete without a little comedy, maybe redoing part of the piece that he felt he could do better on, and … a Prom proposal? Yes ladies and gentlemen that’s right. His musical ability clearly encaptivated one lucky lady. Which leads perfectly into the last part of the article.

After accepting a proposal to the big dance Allie Philips was able to gather herself and burn the house down (ba dum tss). Yes you guessed it Allie sang Burn the House Down by AJR to cap off a great night. Allie is a vocalist that I truly look forward to hearing every time there is a show. Beside from the fact that she is an absolutely amazing singer, she just has fun when she’s up there and it’s contagious. Her performance Friday night in her last coffee house was the perfect ending to the script for the many senior participants.

Overall it was another outstanding coffee house, and really I expected nothing less. I go in with high expectations and after every night my expectations are blown out of the water. To all of the seniors that wrapped up their careers in coffee house, bravo, and keep sharing your talent with the world. To those considering performing at a coffee house in the future, do it! Get outside your comfort zone that’s when we grow the most, you won’t regret it your classmates are there to support you. And to everyone else, COME! I didn’t go to coffee house until junior year and that is one of my biggest regrets leaving high school. Don’t graduate wishing you had gone to more. No matter your interests I promise you will enjoy the show.