Spring/Summer Activities

With Spring in full swing and summer coming up quickly, people are eager to get up and outside for some fun summer activities. So, to help you all I am going to compile a short list of fun activities to do when summer rolls around. This is based on previous personal experience.

Bde Maka Ska- What was formerly known as Lake Calhoun, has a plethora of fun activities to enjoy. You can simply walk, bike, blade etc. around the lake and admire the beauty, go to one of the beaches the lake boasts, or rent a kayak or canoe and explore the lake that way. There are plenty of places to eat in the area, as it is near Uptown.

Drive in theatre- If you are not familiar, a drive in theatre is when you take your car or truck to an outdoor movie screen and view the movie from your car. I recommend you go with a friend(s), and preferably take an SUV or a pickup truck for best viewing. There are 3 drive ins near the area (Lake Elmo, Elko, and Litchfield). This is a fun experience, especially for a first timer.

Minehaha falls- This beautiful MN landmark holds the biggest waterfall in the area. There are plenty of places to take fun pictures, walk around, and explore. There is even a place to eat right next to the falls (Sea Salt).

Minnesota’s largest candy store- If you haven’t been to this MN classic spot I encourage you to visit, especially if you have a sweet tooth. For most of us it’s a fun little road trip, and is located in Jordan.

MOA- The Mall of America is a staple of MN, and for a good reason. The mall offers plenty of stores if you are looking to shop, an amusement park right in the middle, plenty of eating, arcades, mini golf, and much more.

Victoria Burrow- Located in downtown Victoria, Burrow offers arcade games, mini golf, lawn games, plenty of good food, and ever popular axe throwing. There is something for everyone here.

Museums- Minnesota offers plenty of great Museums, such as the Science Museum in St. Paul, the History Center in St. Paul, The Minneapolis Institute of art and much more. If you are in the mood to learn, Minnesota has it.