High School: What I Learned and Advice

With my high school career coming to a close, I am tending to look back and reflect on my greatest memories and happiest memories of the past four years. There have been highs and there have been lows, but the better moments are what we tend to remember and for a good reason.

Contrary to many people who have gone through high school, I personally had a positive and fun high school experience. Because of the advice of my teachers, parents, and peers, I believe I was able to have this fruitful experience of high school.

The first piece of advice I have is to not burn bridges. At some point in time, especially in high school there will be a time when we feel we have been wronged, whether that be with a friend, teacher, or in a relationship. My advice when dealing with these situations is to be the bigger person if possible, and not to completely sever ties with the person(s), even though it might be hard you might have to see them or someone who is close to them in the near future.

My next piece of advice is to keep a relationship with God. Even in a Catholic school it is easy to stray away from God and the church, but I hope even through the tough times we all encounter in high school that you stay close to God and keep that relationship because even though you might feel abandoned, God is the one who will always be there for you.

Keep those grades up! Getting good grades and keeping them that way is a great way to pave a solid future for oneself. Whatever your plan after high school is, it always helps to keep your head in the books.

Whatever your high school goals are it is important to keep the advice of those you love at heart to have a fun and fruitful high school experience.