The Dirt

The Netflix original movie The Dirt, is a biopic about the four rising rock stars who made the band called Möltey Crüe and is based on a book written by them.  The movie starts with how the band started and how they all met.  The band was formed by bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee.  Tommy admired Nikki Sixx and asked him to help develop a band.  Nikki and Tommy had auditions for a guitarist and found one right away, who was Mick Mars.  Tommy knew an old friend from high school who was a great singer and the band went to “recruit” him.  After singing with the band for one day, Vince Neil quit his singing gig and joined.  The band started slow but gradually became super famous during the 1980s. The movie explains how the members of Möltey Crüe struggled with lots of drugs, drinking and other addictions. 

The Dirt is a great learning movie about how fame can get the best of you and becoming rich does not give you happiness.  Möltey Crüe partied every night and struggled with keeping friendships and their names clean.  Mick Mars became an alcoholic. Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and Vince Neil started to do cocaine and could not stop, they were addicted.  The band decided to sober up after Nikki almost died of a heroin overdose.   

This movie had spectacular acting and great directing.  The actors did such a great job portraying how sad and depressing things can be, but also showed so much energy and made me keep watching.  The movie had a great plot and described how easy it is to fall into peer pressure and get addicted to certain things.  The scenery was just amazing with a movie taking place in the 1980s and showing the old type of band concerts, old cars and old homes.  This movie made me feel like I was in the 80s and it really pulled me closer to learn more about the life before I was born.