Have You Been Getting Enough B12??

Photo Credit: John Aromas

B12 is crucial for a healthy brain and nervous system. It makes DNA and prevents megaloblastic anemia. It comes from bacteria in soil. B12 is in animal products like eggs, dairy, and meat.  It also can be found in nutritional yeast, plant milks, cereals, and veggie burgers. Last year alone, there were more than 3 million cases of B12 deficiency. Signs of deficiency include rapid heart rate and exhaustion. These symptoms are more common in people with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. If you are lacking B12, you should find a way to somehow integrate more animal products, nutritional yeast, cereal, veggie burgers, or plant milk into your diet. B12 supplements can also be found at Target or any local grocery store. 

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Photo Credit:

John Aromas