2019 Volleyball Preview


Coming off a disappointing 6-20 record for the Fire, the girls have lots to prove this year. In there first game of the 2019 season, the ladies fell the Le Seuer after losing the 1st set, winning the 2nd, losing the 3rd set, winning the 4th, and eventually falling in the 5th set. A 3 game road trip is up next for the team.  Led by Coach Tony Bongaarts, who has over 15 years of tremendous experience, they girls will try to go far in the Section Tournament.

Defensive Specialists- Sophomore Derry Donnelly will start in the DS role, while at the same time wearing the white Libero jersey. Athletic Sophomore Molly O’Conner will back up Donnelly.

Leftside Hitters- Senior Abby Smith will lead the OH core. She had 23 kills vs Le Seuer. Sophomore Sophia Mackey will be the other starting OH, putting up more kills in her first game this season then all games last season. Sophomore Sophia Heles will be the backup.

Middle Hitter- Middle Hitters Kalie Dahl and Liz Guggemos, who both started last year and combined for 14 kills in the first game, use their height the slam balls over the net.

Rightside Hitters- Sophomore Tatum Hussey will get her first chance to start this season on the right. She had 7 defenses in the first game.

Setters- #7 Kathryn Jans will be perhaps the most key part for the Fire on the court. She had 212 assists last year. Middle Schooler Zoe Schuele will back her up.