A Tale Of 4 Quarterbacks

In 2012, the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals used 4 quarterbacks. Arguably the most important position in football, switching quarterbacks can change your whole entire offense, usually for the bad. The Cardinals started the season with youngster John Skelton. After going 14/28 on passes with 1 interception, Coach Ken Wisehunt put in 5th year player and previous year starter Kevin Kolb, who then went 6/8, leading the Cardinals to an 20-16 win over the Seattle Seahawks. Throughout the rest of the season, Skelton played 5 games, Kolb played 4, rookie Ryan Lindley played 4, and the Cardinals signed un-drafted free agent Brian Hoyer to play 1 game. The Holy Family Fire football team reached the 4 quarterbacks in one season feat in only 2 games this year. Though it may sound negative, everyone of them can play the position differently. And though it hasn’t worked out yet, a change in direction may be on the horizon.


August 29th- ┬áJunior Jake Kirsch walked onto the field, hyped to start his first game ever. Mentored by 2017 and 2018 star QB Jacob Zay, he was prepared to take reign at the helm of the Fire. He had college-level talent in lineman Seth Thompson and Mark Roane, as well as running backs Jakob Lenzemeier and Nick Hendler, and wideouts Nate Tinucci and Chris Bauer. The 6’3, 190lb field general ┬áKirsch took possesion of the ball in the red zone after a fumble recovery early in the game. After Hendler couldn’t get anything going, Kirsch threw a gorgeous pass to Tinucci, who was covered tightly in the end zone and the pass ended up into incomplete. Through the rest of the quarter, Kirsch went 3/8 with 17 yards passing and 2 interceptions. On the last play of the first drive in the 2nd quarter, Kirsch rolled out to the right, trying to make a run. He was run out of bounds and viciously wrangled down by a Mound Westonka player. As many were furious at the late hit no call, few realized the tragedy that happened. Jake Kirsch had just broken his collarbone. Junior QB and star baseball player Carver Kasper was the backup. With a cannon for an arm, the gunslinger couldn’t get anything going in the 2nd, with only 3 yards passing and an interception. At halftime, an unlikely player made the decision the take the QB role. It was Lineman Mark Roane. The captain had to actually switch jerseys from a lineman number 65 to a QB number which was 7. Although only throwing 3 passes, he managed to earn a 42.4 QB rating. Disaster then struck again when Senior lineman Carson Liebeg got concussed. It was then decided that Roane had to be put back on the line in place of Liebeg, and Kasper going back in at QB.


September 2nd- Starting a week of practice after the 3 day rest following the Mound game, Senior Wide Receiver Nate Tinucci was granted permission to play QB. In 2018 as a Junior, Tinucci caught 9 passes for 137 yards and 3 touchdowns during the season. This move by Coach Tim Triplett meant that Junior Wide Receiver Then Foudray would start alongside Senior Chris Bauer.


September 6- The Fire took on Dassel-Cokato. Ranked 10th in the state, they boast in my opinion the best defense in 3A after holding Little Falls Scoreless in game 1. Tinucci felt the strong defense early in the game, throwing 2 interceptions. Despite a disappointing 1st quarter, the Chargers only scored 7 points. The Fires’s strong defensive performance was helped with 19 combined tackles between Mark Roane and Seth Thompson throughout the game. In the 2nd quarter, a punt return and an electric run by Dassel’s Cole Evjen fanned the flame for certain. Senior Nick Hendler tried to carry the Fire on his back during the 1st half, rushing for 42 yards on 7 carries. Hendler and Tight End Thomas Guyer became Ill at the half, not being able to finish the game. Carver Kasper went in at QB the 2nd half, but got shut down by the opposing front line. He threw for 18 yards and 1 interception. The Fire fell 33-0.


September 13th- The first away game of the season featured the 0-2 Fire vs 7th ranked Annandale. After a 2nd week of practice at QB, Nate Tinucci was ready to play a whole game. The first half was the best half the Fire played all season defensively, only letting up 7 points. A nice drive then let Nate Tinucci throw a 33 yard catch and run to Junior Jakob Lenzemeier. Even though the extra point was missed, only down 1 at the half, the boys were buzzing with excitement. In the 3rd quarter, Annandale scored 3 touchdowns. In the 4th, Tinucci ran for a gain of 1 and the touchdown. The final score was Annandale 26, Fire 12. Even with the loss, Tinucci had an amazing game, with 78 yards and a 86.9 QBR.


September 20th- Game 4 took place at Glencoe-Silver Lake. Tinucci played the whole game again, but not nearly as successful vs Annandale. He only threw for 10 yards, to Chris Bauer, and also threw 2 interceptions. He also ran for 16 yards. Hendler ran for 25 and Lenzemeier for 10. 13 tackles by Seth Thompson and 10 by Nick Hendler led a very impressive defensive performance. Glencoe won 37-0.


September 27th- Through the first 4 games, the Fire are 0-4, outscored 20-125, averaging 37 passing yards and 77 rushing yards per game. Can they change it tonight against an evenly matched Litchfield team tonight at the homecoming game?