Playoff Picture- Girls Soccer

As the regular season comes to an end, the girls soccer team is 9-7, with a game against an evenly matched Orono team on Thursday October 3rd, ending in a 2-0 loss. As announced earlier this week, the ladies will be the #6 seed, and play the winner of a play-in game of Albert Lea and Glencoe-Silver lake. Through the season, a connection between Sophomore Maeve Kelly and Senior Caitlin Rock has become something deadly. Often compared to each other as twins by their soccer and hockey teammates, the two helped the Fire with scoring all year. Kelly racked up 10 goals, more then the rest of the team combined. Rock recorded 6 assists, also leading the team. With Senior Midfielder Shannon Furlong injured, 8th grader Kate Buchholz, Sophomore Mary Furlong, an Junior Sophie Paul proved themselves throughout the season impressively. Captain Ella Haley and the 1-2 push of Hailey and Mimi Pavelka helped raise the Fire over teams like DeLaSalle, Chaska, and Monticello. The 3rd Pavelka, Kenzie, along with Freshman Janielle Stanoch and Sophomore Katie Anseth, and Upperclassmen Maggie Rothstein and Noelle Trombley formed a hard to break defensive line. Senior Goalie Sydney Paulsen outdid the rest for another season, even being nominated for player of the week by Star Tribune.

The Fire already beat Glencoe 8-0 earlier this season, and Albert Lea only went 5-9 so far this season. No matter who the Fire play, I believe a win is easily within grasp. If the girls win that game, they will face the #3 seed Fairmont. Fairmont lost by 1 earlier in the season to St. Peter, who the Fire also lost by 1 to. I think the Fire win this, which would then, unless upsetted, pit them against the St. Peter squad. Again, I think the Fire roll through St. Peter, which would put them in the section finals. Against whom? Well, there are 9 other teams that could play them. Realistically, the only 2 teams that have a sincere chance to play the Fire in the section championship would be Mankato West or Waconia. The Fire fell to Waconia 5-0. As for West, crushing teams all season long lead to only 1 defeat. No matter who the Fire could play in that section final, or any section game, it will have to be earned, and hard fought. This is one of the best girls soccer teams Holy Family has ever shown, and they are not ready to burn out now.