5 Ways to stay positive about school


As the school year moves along and students get farther in, things begin to pick up pace and it becomes easy for many to get lost and stressed over school related assignments. Below are some easy tips and suggestions to keep cool in difficult school situations and how to stay positive through stressful times such as finals. 


1.) Take Time for Yourself 

This simply means to take a step back from the work and take a deep breath. Maybe go get some food or take a nap, anything to distract yourself from the anxiety building. This is vital to a person with a busy/hard schedule because it gives someone time to reset their brain and decompress. Don’t forget to smile, even if it is a fake smile keep it up because with time you will forget that its fake and you will begin to forget about the stresses and smile for real. 


2.) Organize! 

If you choose to organize with a filing cabinet or just a pile in front of you, it doesn’t matter, simply do what works for you. This is a great tip that will help anybody that deals with large loads of stuff at once. However you decide to split your work into, do it so that you can maximize your time and get tasks done efficiently. One way is to make a file of things that must be finished as soon as possible, the next could be tasks that aren’t meant to be done for a few weeks, but you can look over and get ahead. 


3.) Stay Consistent  

Stay consistent in your sleep schedule. It is important to get enough sleep each night, aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. As this is hard in a lot of situations, do your best and at least attempt to go to bed and not stay up all night. Stay consistent in what you eat and make sure you eat enough during the day otherwise you will begin to feel drained and tired. Overall, stay consistent in your daily routines so that it feels easier to get things done and to ensure you aren’t going to be scrambling for everything. 


4.) Find the Right Environment 

For this someone must be goldilocks’ and test different ways in order to find what works best for them. This can be in regard to the way you study for a specific class, or what to listen to while working to remember the information later. Most often, it is finding the right location to study in and the right people to work with. Finding good study buddies is always a perfect way to help others and yourself to stay on task – plus it is nice to get the right answers from someone else when you have no clue.  



As easy as it is to fall into the habit of procrastination, it is not easy to get out of the habit. Everyone has succumbed to the pressure of procrastination. Luckily, there are some quick steps to practice getting out of the bad habit. Many of the steps are already mention in the above tips but all steps are important to success:  

  • Get in the right mindset – this means that you must realize that you are in trouble if you continue to procrastinate. 
  • Find a positive environment – this means to find a good place that helps you focus and get tasks done quickly; it does include finding someone to help you achieve things too.  
  • Figure out how you function – this simply means to try different ways of finishing things. If it means listening to music, finding a study buddy or just throwing your face in a textbook and getting things done quickly. However, you decide to get things done, it is imperative to find a way otherwise it will be a bigger struggle for you to do it later.