Congress Works to Make Animal Abuse a Felony

Congress Works to Make Animal Abuse a Felony

According to Fox 9 News, the House of Representatives has unanimously passed a law that will make animal cruelty a federal offense.  This new bill, named: The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT Act), is going to make it easier to prosecute animal abusers. 

This bill prohibits any sort of intentional act that goes against an animal’s welfare, examples include drowning, burning, suffocating, and impaling. People who are convicted of said acts will face federal felony charges, up to seven years in prison, and fines. 

The PACT Act is now set to go to the Senate. Many lawmakers are insistent on getting the bill to pass through Congress, hoping for an end to animal cruelty. 

I believe that this is an important topic because a stance needs to be taken on animal cruelty. I think that people who mistreat animals deserve punishment for their actions. I hope this law will be passed, not only for punishment for those who mistreat animals, but also to prevent animal abuse in the future by giving expected punishments.