Supporting Local Shelters


Throughout America, many animals go homeless. Shelters and pounds around the country allow for animals to be rescued from the streets and abusive situations, and then adopted into a loving family. “Every year, six to eight million dogs wait to be adopted from animals shelters — so many that millions are euthanized each year due to overcrowding, according to PETA” (Plesset and Jankiewicz). By supporting and adopting from local animal shelters, you can help save lives and end suffering caused by puppy mills around the country. A great example would be the Carver Scott Humane Society.

The Carver Scott Humane Society, located in Chaska, MN, works unknown wonders for the animals that are rescued by volunteers and workers. Many of the animals come from local pounds. These animals are rehomed but allowed to have a comfortable and safe living space while awaiting their forever home. It is extremely important that small organizations like these are further recognized by the community. The Carver Scott Humane Society is always looking for volunteers to help care for, advocate for, and foster the animals. My friends and I decided to volunteer at the Humane Society for service day. By doing so, we were introduced to many lovely animals. All of which were rescues, taken from impounds to the no-kill shelter. Volunteering at the shelter not only counts for service hours, but also gives love and support for animals. For more information visit their website at: